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I develop custom Excel, Access, VBA, PHP and VB.NET applications for a group of satisfied clients. I've got over twenty years of experience as an applications developer and I've been building systems in Excel and Access since the very start.

Get in touch!

I'll gladly discuss your ideas and needs with you at no cost or obligation. My rates are low, I deliver top quality work on time and according to specification. I keep you informed throughout the development process.

to contact me and to get the ball rolling. Got an idea you want to put to work for yourself and your firm? Have an Excel or Access solution that's good but could be great? Working on an application and looking for effective solutions to specific problems?

"I think that you did a wonderful job on my program. I never would have thought of a number display on the number pad. After I sent you my version, I did add some code to display the number string in the txtNumber box so that the person could view the input. But your version is much better and more elegant. RDK, Tucson, AZ "

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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An Excel Experiment in data search performance: DBTEST01 is a race between DAO and AdvancedFilter.

USA travel shapshots Summer 1998

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Another Excel Utility for Developers: CLOSE01 closes user workbooks during system starts from inside of Excel.

Excel Utility for Developers: SystemCheck Function

Excel AddIn: Sheet Sorter Utility

Excel: Pivot Table Documenter Utility

VBScript: Experimental SlideShow. Click HERE to check it out.

Epi Info: A Turbo Pascal IMPORT utility. Click HERE for download info.

Access: Flagging single records on a continuous form. Click HERE for download info.

Epi Info: ICD-9 diagnosis codes in REC file format. Click HERE to download ICD9.ZIP.

Pivot Table Sorting: Now with Jim Wilcox's very cool SetColumnOrderThenSort. Click HERE for download info.

Jan Holmb�ck's Permutational VBA
<====== Umberto Eco's venerable BASIC
problem from Foucault's Pendulum
brought UpToDate with Excel 5.0 and VBA.
Click the image of The Tree of Life above and
check it out!

EpiXL - see below.

The XLS Random Numbers Race.

Click here for more info:

I develop analytical systems in Microsoft Excel. I've developed a series of techniques that I call


EpiXL entails using Excel as a user interface for CDC's Epi Info 6.0x.
I've put some examples of EpiXL results here for Epi Info and Excel
users to check out:

Accident statistics: Situation by Age
Accident statistics: Diagnosis by Sex
Accident statistics: Age by Contributing Factor

These tables were produced from Epi Info REC files in a user friendly Excel environment
and converted to HTML with the help of Microsoft's Excel Internet Assistant.

To contact me: Click on this unicode encoded link

My Old Buddy Rick Wilk's Home Page!

A Must See: John Walkenbach's masterful Excel site.