Now in the mountains of VIRGINIA! - - Left Dallas & Chicago & ALL big cities!


Was in Chicago for 4 years... TOO COLD!


Mountain on left... creek on right ... HOME! :)


Wes Edwards, Computer Support Technician

E-MAIL me for: Upgrade help and Virus removal & MISC PC questions...

ADVICE: If you use A.O.L., I can't help you...

Welcome to the home page of a professional semi-program'n techy type!

  • HEY LOOK... What did a PC tech fiddle around with before he did PC support? ClikNsee!

    ^ Just a page to test stuff (with pix)^

  • CLICK HERE to see a few of my PIX

  • CLICK HERE to see MORE of my PIX!

    Helpful LINKS... some fun, some serious stuff! LOOK!

    Someone sent me this PIC of a computer virus! Really slick!

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