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So, your checking out my site huh? That means you are probably as bored as I was when I made it.

I am a runner. I run Cross Country and Track for Chico State.

Yeah, thats eminem you here...some people might act like they dn't like him and think he sucks, but I bet every one of them was bumping their head to his hit songs and watching his videos all over TRL, because he is this bomb diggity
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Joels Site!
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My Info:
Patrick Boivin
Wow, I am one good lookin' guy!
letsrun.com (the place to go if you like running
Wanna get the lastest news about Chico cross country, just click here
Lots of results and ranking
Click here for my life story, or something like it...
Me trying to look as scrubby as possible!
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