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The art of P.K Mahanandia

The art of P.K Mahanandia, an immigrant in Sweden from Athmallik, the tribal jungles of Orissa in India, moves us out from drab everyday "reality" to the mysterious and inspiring reality of the green and blue twilight area of the subconsciuos, where a distant sun beckons us to find a new future in love and peace between men, and where the woman-mother lives alone between the worlds of reality and fantasy. And everywhere there are birds, symbols of freedom from the life that holds us imprisoned between birth and death.

"My tribe worshipped the forces of nature - fire, air, water - but we did not personify them. my blues are the real sky, my greens are nature as she is. To my mother´s people the sun is the highest God, the God of creation and life. The faces? Faces fascinate me. In every face there are a million different faces, a million different expressions. I want to penetrate this mystery - why are there all these expressions? What is the true nature of man? Art can reveal it to us."

It seems as if the well-organized external reality of Sweden has called up in P.K Mahanandia a longing for deeper sources of strenght, fruitful sources of primeval magic and vision. And indeed, we need a new vision and a new magic if we are to move into a new future of freedom and happiness for mankind. We need artists like P.K Mahanandia who can open our eyes to our inner worlds, our only true worlds.

written by: Dr Martin Allwood

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