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Actually has been already been taken by a law firm somewhere out there and far be it from me to interfere with the copyrights of a bunch of lawyers. I love lawyers as far as anyone can tell. My ex wife loves lawyers too though for an entirely different reason. So hopefully these lawyers will be satisfied enough with my linking them above and giving them full credit knowing that I have in no way actually benefited from use of their address. Other wise I would or could be in serious.....oh for crying out loud, are you still reading this disclaimer? The address is not mine. Never has been and never will be. Just a joke from work. Move along.

I've had a web page in existence since about 1996 which coincides with the last time I changed it. Since it was dedicated to best living Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt and my "great" marriage, I thought it might be time for an update since the state of both has changed dramatically. Also the state of my girth has changed as reflected to the left. The state of my sanity still eludes me. As you can tell, I have spared no expense in my quest for free and plagiarized material. Gone are the blinking pretty icons and useless paraphernalia (it just cost me $1.60 of web space to say that word...and it just cost me another $1.60 to remind you of that...and it...oh never mind). So sit back, relax and click away.
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