Welcome to Kim & Laura's CyberRoom

This is a page about two best friends, Kim and Laura...a.k.a Sunshine (Kim) and Sunstreaks or Sunny*Girl (Laura). We're both 13 years old. Sunshine lives in Austrailia and Sunstreaks lives in the US. Click here to find out more about Sunshine. Click here to find out more about Sunstreaks.

Sunshine and Sunstreaks have made a club together also. It's called Cyber~Girls. It's for girls ages 8-18. Click here to go to cyber~girls.

We both have ICQ! Sunshine's UIN is 3857248. Sunstreak's UIN is 4813259. Add us to your list! And if you don't have ICQ get it!

If you want to e-mail us here is a list of our e-mail addresses. Sunshine's: renechan@tig.com.au or sunshinekim@rocketmail.com
Sunstreaks: sunstreaks@aol.com
to e-mail us both together e-mail us at laura_sunny@hotmail.com

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This page is very new. So please bookmark us! We will be changing it weekly!

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March 7th, 1998 2:37 PM