Welcome to the First Anual



Yes that is right we are racing from the east coast to the west coast.
Why You may be asking?
My Answer is why not?

Ok here is the deal.  You are going to need to get 2 more of your friends becuase the first thing you need it a team of 3.

Ok now you have your team you are proably thining how to I get from the reast coast to the west coast.
Well that is a good question.  You are going to need a car or van but you can not pay more than $600 dollars.  Thanks right $600 and no you can not buy your dads new BMW off him for $600 for the trip its needs to be a legit $600 car.

Ok now you have a car.  You are porbaly thinking what else do I need to know.  Well you are also going to need and instant camera.  You are going to need to take a picture of every "Welcome" State signe.  There is also going to be an entry fee that is yet to be determined.  But you should plan on spending about $1000 each on this little trip. 

Below are some other things that will help you planning your trip.
Leave me a message and let me know what you think.

Most importantly leave everyone a message with any info that you find that can help everyone out.

Ok now you decided you want to drive cross crountry you are going to need map so fill in you info belowe

The wather will change grealty from when you leave home so check the conditions now.

Enter starting street address:

City, State or Zipcode:

Just to show you we are serious here is counter of how many people have checked this out.

You should be able to find everything you need for this trip on Yahoo so take a look.

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