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HI, my name is Paulette.

I'm a single female that's a reformed chataholic. I recently made a life altering decision and moved my 5 cats and me back out into the country. I bought a GREAT house in Lancaster, KY, USA on an acre of ground that I can call my own.

As with all dreams, they sometimes change....I will be returning to my homestate of Michigan soon....miss my Lakes!!!
UPDATE: I am back in Michigan...GRAND RAPIDS.....but am too busy with REAL life to update this.....stay tuned for the latest in my life!

I am still selling antiques and collectibles on

Check out my new links at the bottom of the page.....some really cool UP LiveCams....Eagle Harbor, Mendota Lighthouse at Bete Gris & a four cam page at the Soo Locks.

I have two grown kids that are in Michigan, a daughter Jaime (24) and a son Jason (29)

When it comes to music, I love jazz and blues and have a collection of 400+ CD's to prove it.

Other hobbies are photography and computer graphics....here's an example of them combined....a picture I took of the beach at Empire with some additions and subtractions...hey, I'm good at math, eh?...

And here's my favorite subject....Great Lakes Lighthouses......this was taken in October of 1999 during a gale with wet snow falling and I was being sandblasted at the same time. I've added my photo taken in late May 2000.

I've also started creating 3D graphics using Bryce 3D software

Click the above image for a look at my other creations.
Your one stop Graphics Shop

The closest I've come to being a true artist is my pumpkin carvings These are my 1997 editions!!

We all yearn for the good old days and I am no exception...love the 60's muscle cars and wish I had my 1966 Chevelle

or my 1968 Olds ....if only we knew!!!!

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