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1 July 99

I was finally just about to post new content to this site, when I discovered I had to re-register because GeoCities got swallowed by Yahoo -- and Yahoo wants *perpetual* rights to reproduce my original content!

So I'm joining the Haunting of GeoCities. I'll post new content here if and when they alter their ToS to reflect the very reasonable demands described on the Boycott Yahoo website.

Yes, what Yahoo's asking is nothing new, and is similar to the ToS's of other providers -- but *hell*, that's why I signed up with GeoCities (back in the day when they didn't force you to choose between bandwidth-eating billboards and annoying pop-up ads). If they don't change the new ToS, I'm outta here.

I also support the campaign for the Homesteader's Bill of Rights (see the Boycott Yahoo link for more info), although I think that in addition to the originally proposed provisions (listed below), there should also be one stating that web space providers pledge not to sell or give Homesteaders' email addies to anyone for any reason that doesn't involve a court order.

  1. First and foremost, the service provider agrees that all work in whatever form a registered user uploads to their service belongs to that user, no strings attached, forever.
  2. A registered users will always have the right to delete his or her content from the service provider without the requirement to agree to any terms not previously agreed to.
  3. There will be no provision for the ToS to be changed without notice. Any ToS change will have a short period where users are notified of the change before it takes effect. If the changed ToS is not agreed to, the registered user will be allowed to remove their content without accepting the new ToS.
  4. Aside from the changes needed to add advertising content in order to pay for the service, under no circumstances will a web service provider alter, modify, make derivative works from, translate or otherwise change the registered user's content without their express approval.
  5. Under no circumstances will the web service provider sublicense or provide to any third party not expressly approved by the registered user any of that user's content.

You may contact me (your friendly web designer) at elusively_jls at yahoo dot com if you feel a need to comment.

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